Banks will close more physical branches & divert resources in 2022

Enhance digital banking services – this builds on the trend of managing bank accounts online, up to and including fund transfers & deposits. Enhanced services will allow transactions to be posted sooner and allow clients quicker access to deposited funds. Real-time customer […]

Tahlil Bazaar interview of CIB (Belize) President – Luigi Wewege

Bazaar: What effect does banking digitization have on the economic growth of countries? Wewege: I believe that the growth and development of banking digitization contributes massively to the economic transformation of countries. Any innovation to a country’s financial […]

Caye Chaired by Joel Nagel, Sweeps Top Banking Awards for 2021

SAN PEDRO, Belize, Jan. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Caye International Bank (CIB) has once again swept the banking awards in 2021. Five prestigious awards include: Best Offshore Bank for CARICOM 2021 as awarded by International Investor Magazine, Best Private Bank in Central […]

El oro toca máximos en un mes por temores a la inflación en EE.UU.

Según Luigi Wewege, uno de los máximos responsables de las bancas privadas en Caye International Bank, el precio del oro pasó por un periodo de aumento fuerte entre agosto del 2018 y septiembre de 2020, al que le siguió lo que los analistas llaman un “tiempo de consolidación”.