How to remain financially compliant on a global scale

Many Americans every year intentionally look to overseas banking options in order to reduce their tax erosion. Even if that is your main goal, it is important to remain tax compliant. Although finding legitimate ways to reduce taxation is indeed a smart strategy, it should all remain legal.

Los seis beneficios de un fideicomiso extranjero – MundoOffshore

En el pasado, los fideicomisos extranjeros solían considerarse como una herramienta que utilizaban las personas de alto poder adquisitivo para esconder sus activos en el exterior. Sin embargo, un fideicomiso extranjero representa una manera legal e inteligente de proteger …

How offshore investing can help diversify your assets

You have probably grown up hearing the idiom, “Don’t place all your eggs in one basket.” While financial experts will give you countless reasons why diversification is a smart move, it all boils down to that one classic saying. The reality is that concentrating all of your wealth in one […]

A világ tíz legnagyobb bankja összefog, hogy

A világ tíz legnagyobb bankja egy olyan projekten dolgozik, amely egy új digitális pénzt hozna létre a pénzügyi piacok számára. Az új pénznek meglenne az ereje ahhoz, hogy kiüsse a versenytársak kriptovalutáit a piacról, mondta Luigi Wewege pénzügyi tanácsadó.