Caye Chaired by Joel Nagel, Sweeps Top Banking Awards for 2021

SAN PEDRO, Belize, Jan. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Caye International Bank (CIB) has once again swept the banking awards in 2021. Five prestigious awards include: Best Offshore Bank for CARICOM 2021 as awarded by International Investor Magazine, Best Private Bank in Central […]

8 Considerations When Opening an Offshore Bank Account in 2022

A new year means fresh possibilities. Since your goal is to create greater financial security, 2022 is the ideal time to open an offshore account or two. It won’t be difficult to identify which ones would allow you to generate a nest egg with several account types. The key to […]

Eight Important Facts to Understand About Digital Banking

You’ve heard of digital banking before and may even be using it regularly. Even so, there may be aspects of this type of banking that you don’t know yet. That’s easy to change by discussing with a financial expert. To help you get started, here are some basics about […]

Why Belize Remains a Top Choice for Offshore Banking

As a country that officially announced it’s OECD co-operation, over the last couple of decades, Belize has emerged as a front-runner for those seeking offshore banking and investing opportunities. From individuals to business owners, the country has created a setting that […]

What Expats Need to Know About the Foreign Tax Credit

If you’re a citizen of the United States who’s thinking about living in another country, it’s important to learn about the Foreign Tax Credit and how it works. This applies to any citizen who chooses to live abroad and must pay taxes in the country where they live.  Here are […]

Understanding The Different Types of Offshore Bank Accounts

The decision to open offshore bank accounts is a sound one. Those accounts can help you generate additional wealth and ensure a more secure financial future in many instances. The goal is to determine what type of offshore accounts would potentially provide the kind of […]