¿Qué tan segura es la Banca offshore? / How safe is offshore banking?

Por varias razones, la banca offshore es una opción popular para individuos y negocios alrededor del mundo. Esta puede ofrecer gran privacidad, puede ayudarle a reducir las tasas de impuestos y también a diversificar su cartera de inversión. Sus activos personales estarán más […]

Why Belize is considered a leading jurisdiction for offshore banking

Belize has a lot to offer those interested in the financial services. Whether you’re dreaming of your upcoming retirement, you want to purchase property overseas or you’re just ready for greater asset diversification, banking in Belize can be ideal. Learn just a few of the reasons why.

Why Belize is becoming a top draw for North American retirees

Belize and its many islands scattered throughout the Caribbean are rapidly gaining a reputation as an amazing place to live, visit, and invest. An increasing number of retirees are also flocking to Belize to enjoy retirement in an amazing climate with access to stunning beaches.