How offshore investing can help diversify your assets

You have probably grown up hearing the idiom, “Don’t place all your eggs in one basket.” While financial experts will give you countless reasons why diversification is a smart move, it all boils down to that one classic saying. The reality is that concentrating all of your wealth in one […]

A világ tíz legnagyobb bankja összefog, hogy

A világ tíz legnagyobb bankja egy olyan projekten dolgozik, amely egy új digitális pénzt hozna létre a pénzügyi piacok számára. Az új pénznek meglenne az ereje ahhoz, hogy kiüsse a versenytársak kriptovalutáit a piacról, mondta Luigi Wewege pénzügyi tanácsadó.

The University of Maine – Academic scholarship details posted

The Luigi Wewege Foundation scholarship was created with the belief that everyone who has a desire to attend university should. Research shows that this hasn’t been the case, due to higher education becoming more expensive over the last several decades.