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Luigi Wewege

Chief Executive Officer of Vivier & Co
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The Digital Banking Revolution by Luigi Wewege

How financial technology companies are rapidly transforming the traditional retail banking industry through disruptive innovation.

Over the past decade financial service innovations have contributed to a completely new way in which customers can bank, threatening the status quo of traditional retail banks, and redefining a banking model which has been in place for generations. These new technological advancements have facilitated the rapid emergence of digital banking firms and FinTech companies, leading to established banks being forced to swiftly increase their pace of digital adoption to stay relevant and stop mass client attrition to these agile financial start-ups. These threats come at an inopportune time for banks due to mature markets currently experiencing stagnant growth. This coupled with decreasing profit margins due to the competitive pricing of new entrants, and financial customer loyalty becoming ever increasingly more tenuous.



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Luigi Wewege

Vivier & Co

Vivier is a boutique financial services firm offering a complete financial package which includes: current & savings accounts, debit cards, and an online platform.

Palmetto Global Ventures

Helps companies transform their strategic marketing capability by using data analytics & technology to create meaningful personalized customer experiences.

FinTech School

The 1st online FinTech School founded by financial services professionals who have firsthand experience using FinTech to transform companies.


The Young Entrepreneur Council is an invite-only organization comprised of some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs 40 and younger.


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